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My Place in The Woodlands

At My Place in The Woodlands, we believe that the education model must adapt to our new circumstances. The need of a safe, healthy and stable environment is now a priority, as much as academic excellence is.


Learning at My Place in The Woodlands allows your child to become the center of the education process, adapting to your child’s uniqueness.


We honor the need for families to experience new adventures spending time together in the afternoons.  That is why our No Homework Policy is so important.


We actively encourage extra-curricular activities for families to bond together and for our students to learn about the world by choosing how they expand their own interests.



Laura GarcIa naranjo

Laura is a mom of three children, a lawyer and a certified interpreter translator. She moved to the United States to pursue and achieve her Master of Science in Management, adopting then the American Nationality.


After her first daughter was born with a brain injury, Laura dedicated herself to obtaining the knowledge needed to educate and guide Ana through the pathway to wellness. The Institutes of the Achievement of Human Potential awarded Laura with the highest possible certification after an eight-year intensive program. Laura is also a graduate from the course “How to Multiply your baby’s intelligence”.


For 18 years Laura has successfully homeschooled her children from early education through high school.


Through those years, Laura developed expertise in designing the curriculum that enables a child to achieve their maximum potential. She is an expert in organization and management of everyday teaching in a home-setting.


Laura understands the importance of having your child develop and learn an academic rigorous curriculum in the safest and most nurturing environment.

cecilia GarcIa naranjo

Growing up in a family of lawyers and teachers, Cecilia has always loved not only to learn but also to share the joy of learning.  Cecilia is a corporate lawyer and practiced law for 25 years. She is a dedicated mother of three girls and a reading passionate, thus creating our “Readers are Leaders” campaign.  She is a firm believer, as Harry S. Truman once said, that “Knowledge is not only key to power. It is the citadel of human freedom.”  


Cecilia went from being a Law School teacher to being our principal since My Place in The Woodlands was founded.


Cecilia’s personality has shown that she is very outgoing and nurturing, while also maintaining our high academic standings, and providing an environment for personalized teaching. Everyone lovingly calls her "Miss Ceci". She is very enthusiastic of all our extra-curricular activities, specially our “Crazy Hair Day”.  Most of all, she enjoys visiting all classrooms almost every day, to celebrate birthdays and do Science experiments.  Miss Ceci is very well known for her fun costumes.  

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