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We offer a unique personalized learning experience

By providing a tailored online school educational experience based on your child’s personal interests, abilities and goals for the future

We are an online Texas registered boutique school with students in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

How is My Place in The Woodlands different?

Today’s society demands a different kind of learning. 

My Place in The Woodlands is leading the way in transforming education for tomorrow’s world by acknowledging the need of a safe, warm and personalized environment as well as academic excellence, tailored specifically for your child's needs.

What We Offer

My Place in The Woodlands focuses on personal growth, strengthening communication skills, and fostering intellectual curiosity. We believe that every child has a unique set of strengths that should be nurtured and developed. We take pride in the philosophy that makes us different from traditional schools: we focus on your child’s individual abilities, their goals for the future and your family’s individual needs.



Elementary School
Middle School
High School
(approx. age 6 through 18)

Class size

Maximum of 10 students per class






We welcome students from all over the world

Our Program

Full time education: Our students login Monday through Friday from 9am through 2pm.



Our Cameras-on Policy helps learning turn to fun as we have many extra-curricular activities, enabling a true sense of community. We have a No-homework Policy to allow students to pursue their own interests after school.


My Place in The Woodlands is an online private registered school in the State of Texas, being part of the USA educational system.
For our students living in other countries, after successfully completing a school year, they have been able to revalidate their studies.

Our philosophy focuses on the individual learner, one that allows students to progress at their own pace and that emphasizes real-world applications.

Online live classroom with a maximum of 10 students with their own teacher, meeting at their own Zoom and learning in a fun and warm environment while they are submerged into the language and become bicultural.

Who are our students?

Our boutique online school is an excellent option if your child needs:

  • Personal education in an online setting.

  • Full English immersion curriculum option.

  • A sound academic curriculum.

  • To constantly travel with your family

  • Personal time to address medical concerns.

  • Training time to become a professional athlete or pursue a life-long goal.

  • Relief from social anxiety from a big stressful school environment.

  • Relief from bullying.

  • A safe environment to promote learning at their own pace and direct communication with their teacher.

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Our expert teachers lead dynamic learning experiences.

Our highly qualified teachers are handpicked for their unique ability to bring out the best in your child. They remain with your child for the entire learning year creating a special and personal bond and enabling them to learn in the safest and most productive manner. The teachers are able to motivate our students by delivering engaging live workshops.

Hear what our parents have to say about the positive difference our school has made in their children's lives

Khamil's mom

“Khamil's teacher is charming. Kham is now super interested in learning everything in school. He is very happy at My Place in The Woodlands. Thank you!!”

Jenny’s mom

“I just want to thank you for making Jenny’s transition from My Place in the Woodlands to her new public school in San Antonio flawless and easy.”

Martina’s parents

“My Place in The Woodlands has been a refuge for our family during difficult times.”

Amaral’s parents

“Thank God and thanks to My Place in The Woodlands. It was our best decision, both personally and academically.”

Mateo’s mom

“As you had told me, I had no problem obtaining the Mexican revalidation school certificate for Mateo, so that he can continue his studies in Mexico City.”

Scarlett’s mom

My daughter suffered from anxiety before coming to this school. Now she loves to participate and she feels valued

Hear what our students have to say about their school


“I love this school because I have friends from all over the world.”


“In this school I enjoy learning, have lots of fun and laugh all day. I cannot belive it’s online and I have so many friends. It feels like a community.”


“I really like this school because I have never missed a Tennis training session."


“Meeting Miss Tania in person was a dream come true. She is the best teacher in the world.”


“9th grade was the best! My friends and my teacher made every day a fun day of learning. I was so sad when the school year was over.”


I love my teacher so much that I asked Miss Ceci if she could be my teacher next year and… it's happening!!!


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